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European countries attract visitors with freedom and diverse customs. The same atmosphere exists in a dating sphere. There are dozens of reasons why Europe dating sites are so helpful in looking for a partner. Because Europe consists of many various countries, it is essential to know which relationship rules to follow. EU dating sites are perfect for those who like experiments in relationships. Such communities show another view for finding a girlfriend. This piece of information will be profitable if you want to know European courting traditions compared to Western ones and top resources where you can apply this knowledge.

Meet our list of dating sites in Europe:

  • Find European Beauty – a new website in Europe.
  • Sofia Date – a hot community with model-like Slavic women.
  • KissRussianBeauty – a place to meet Ukrainian and Russian girls.
  • DateEuropeanWoman – agency with females from Central and Western Europe.
  • RussianBeautyDate – online community with Slavic ladies.
  • – a very popular date site in Europe.
  • Elitesingles – a free European dating site.
  • Europe Mingle – European courting app.
  • – service to meet older European adults.
  • – website focused on relations with European millionaires.

What Should I Know Before Visiting European Dating Sites?

We all know that international relationships are always hot and free from prejudice. Europeans in this regard are smart, sociable, and open-minded. While there are many countries in Europe, the dating customs differ from country to country. Some of them support the idea of casual dating, and some of them don’t. Let’s see some peculiarities in the top five European countries.

French Customs

  • Slowly developing romance: the French do not like to be busy with the relationship process. They like spending time in big groups of friends. French women enjoy slowly dating when two partners become closer and closer over time.
  • No labels in relationships: free Europe dating sites show that French people are free of rules when looking for love. They would rather hide the romance than show it even to parents.
  • Interest is a key factor: in France, you will never convince a female to date if she doesn’t feel interested in you.

Europe Dating Sites

German Customs

  • Very traditional standards: in this country, only men do the first steps while dating. They pay in the restaurants, serve a woman, and even bring flowers to her mother.
  • Short-term romances: the Germans happen to like short, intriguing romances. Unlike Americans, these people create a family at a very mature age.
  • Age difference: German men love dating younger women, and youngsters like older, experienced ladies.

Italian Customs

  • Hot lovers and dressers: this nation is popular for unlimited freedom in relationships. Here people avoid typical romance. Italians like relationships without responsibilities.
  • Visual signs: in Italy women support hot outfits to catch rich men. Men, in turn, wear luxurious attire to highlight their status.
  • Meeting many partners: free dating sites in Europe claim that Italian men experience affairs with many women before creating a family.

Spanish Customs

  • Communication is first: if you want to meet European women, especially those from Spain, learn how to communicate. Here people appreciate the inner world more than appearance.
  • Equality of the sexes: it is common in Spain to split the bill in the restaurant or pay separately for a taxi.
  • The great role of values: on free European dating sites, you can spot that Spaniards appreciate traditions. They support sincere relationships based on true love and respect.

British Customs

  • Rigorous standards: in Britain, people strictly evaluate each other to find a perfect match. But that doesn’t mean they avoid European dating sites.
  • Equal rights: both men and women pay the bills and serve each other.
  • No physical contact required: Brits do not prefer physical contact when dating. They appreciate emotions and mental states in relationships.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of European Dating?

Surely, every country is unique by its traditions, but the European mentality is the same. If you know what to do and what to avoid, your dating in Europe will be a success.

Meeting a Partner

Although Europeans meet each other in groups of friends, they also practice hanging out on euro dating sites. Many European women come there with serious intentions: to find love. Females from Eastern Europe treat almost every candidate as a potential husband. That is why you should be extremely polite when communicating on top European dating sites.

Making a Good Impression

It is not a novelty that European women always want to look perfect. They apply makeup, wear proper outfits, keep fit, eat healthy food just to show the world they are the best. Focus attention on their beauty, write compliments, and send gifts. It is all possible on the best European dating sites.

Organizing a Date

Whether you plan live meetings with your partner or not, you should know how to act properly. For example, in France, men are allowed to be late for a date, but in Germany, this action is bad manners. Don’t get drunk, and don’t make hints about sexual relations on the first date.

What Are the Differences between European and Western Dating?

Both American and European women are in demand for men around the world. But the approach to courting and building relationships is different. Let’s see what is distinctive between these nations.

Relationship Stages

American and Canadian females like to officially label their relationships. In western societies, girls attach great importance to the first date, dinner, and even coffee breaks with the partner. Europeans are more conventional in this aspect. Sometimes women just seek fun on free European dating sites.

Level of Confidence

In America and Canada, women show more confidence when starting a relationship. Western ladies act boldly and effortlessly. However, Europeans do not always feel free on top European sites for contouring.

Number of Partners

Women in the US often do not focus on one choice. Americans like starting relationships with several partners to find a perfect match. This is not a common thing for Europeans. In Europe, women are more stable in relationships with one partner than looking for better alternatives.

Dressing Up

The most distinctive feature between Europeans and Americans is preparing for a date. Western females tend to wear casual outfits even without applying makeup. But European girls will not miss the chance to show their beauty in full power.

Relationship Intentions

Making bonds with Western females is a somehow funny process. American and Canadian girls are honest and sincere, but that doesn’t mean the union can last to matrimony. It goes more serious when meeting European women.

Where to Look for European Singles?

If you want to meet European singles, nowadays it appears easier than ever. You don’t have to visit clubs, spend time in a circle of friends, or wait when you meet someone. Online sites and apps are a better alternative. Continue reading, and you will see a detailed review of the best dating sites in Europe.

Find European Beauty

However, this online service was founded in 2020, it already reached the highest position as the best dating site in Europe. Find European Beauty is part of one network with a common database. Here you will find basic user filters: gender, age, with photo only, and online now. For more precise searching, this one of the new dating sites in Europe has specified features.

FindEuropeanBeauty main page

Pros of Find European Beauty

  • wide range of features
  • private profiles
  • real-time updates

Cons of Find European Beauty

  • lack of verification options
  • small website experience
  • no mobile app

Sofia Date

Are you looking for model-like Slavic women? Then Sofia Date will be your perfect match. This Europe dating site is full of various services that help users to find love or a soulmate. Sofia Date online service is gathering Ukrainian, Russian, and Bulgarian females, but other nationalities are always welcomed. It is quite an affordable site with a credit-based system and bonuses.

Sofia Date main page

Pros of Sofia Date

  • easy to set up platform
  • effortless signing up process
  • dedicated support team

Cons of Sofia Date

  • expensive features
  • no chat live support
  • no mobile app


As the name implies, KissRussianBeauty collects profiles of Russian and Ukrainian females. This top European dating site has an appealing design and dozens of Slavic ladies’ profiles. Its free version allows doing basic things: to look through the profiles and to use the matching tool. Once you buy a membership, you get bonuses and free chats.

Kissrussianbeauty main page

Pros of KissRussianBeauty

  • strong level of verification
  • profitable memberships
  • match-making tools

Cons of KissRussianBeauty

  • inactive chatting room
  • no mobile app
  • long page loading

Date European Woman

This is the top dating site in Europe with lonely females waiting for the relationship and romantic dates. There you can find pretty women from Central and Southern Europe, and especially from Poland. Date European Woman is easy for dating even in live HD and private chat rooms.

DateEuropeanWoman main page

Pros of Date European Woman

  • advanced tools
  • easy to set up
  • many single women

Cons of Date European Woman

  • no access without signing up
  • relationship orientated
  • lack of modern functions

Russian Beauty Date

Russian Beauty Date is considered to be the best European dating site. It has been existing since 1998. That means the service is the experienced one. Unlike other online sites, on Russian Beauty Date, you are not allowed to see the profiles without signing up. The site also has a mobile app which is very convenient for those who are always on the go. The profiles on Russian Beauty Date are very detailed and verified.

RussianBeautyDate main page

Pros of Russian Beauty Date

  • application for telephone
  • affordable prices
  • high level of safety

Cons of Russian Beauty Date

  • paid modern features
  • old-fashioned design
  • no actions before the sign-up

If you like building relationships online, you should have heard about BeNaughty – a European date site. Its joining is completely free. You can even register with your Facebook account. BeNaughty is full of modern features, but some of them are available in paid membership. The security level is very high, which guarantees your information will be confidential.

BeNaughty hookup main page

Pros of

  • easy navigation
  • no ads
  • total freedom in sending messages

Cons of

  • frauds have been detected
  • limited functions in the free version
  • automatic paid subscription


Did you know that coutring is not only about flirting? It is also about status, work ethic, and same interests. That is what EliteSingles provides. This European dating website will suit people with University degrees and profitable jobs. A lot of people above 30 visit EliteSingles to find love. This free dating site in Europe is very precise to new members, so you will have to fill a huge questionnaire to join the community.

EliteSingles main page

Pros of EliteSingles

  • robust profiles
  • high-educated members
  • smart design

Cons of EliteSingles

  • no video chat
  • ”elite” orientation
  • high costs for the subscription

Europe Mingle

Europe Mingle is a European dating app for users who like building relationships online and making international bonds. The amazing thing about this app is that every user provides an introductory video. This function makes Europe Mingle service very reliable and safe. Users have access to group social chat rooms, foreign chats, a private inbox, and many other features.

Europe Mingle main page

Pros of Europe Mingle

  • video profiles
  • modern communication tools
  • easy to access

Cons of Europe Mingle

  • long loading process
  • boring interface
  • many weird profiles

If you are dreaming of EU dating with cougars from the UK, can live up to your expectations. The website is orientated for senior relationships. offers a fun and open-minded community for older adults. Once you sign up, other users will see it and kindly meet you.

Laymatures main page

Pros of

  • friendly community
  • high level of safety
  • responsible customer support

Cons of

  • older adults orientated
  • expensive subscription
  • automatic upgrading

Millionaires become bored of looking for someone for a date. But resolves this problem. This European online site is suitable to find gold diggers for fun but not for long-term relationships.

Millionairematch main page

Pros of

  • no fake profiles
  • good reputation and publicity
  • free registration

Cons of

  • strict verification process
  • paid premium features
  • only millionaires orientated

Tips for Meeting Love on Top Dating Sites in Europe

Be creative. Unusual messages attract users. Instead of writing simple ”Hi. How are you?”, catch the partner with something worth reading.

Create a real profile. EU dating is about live photos and open-hearted communication. Fill your profile with true information and add your main photo.

Give it a chance. Try some dating services until you find your best one.


Looking for a partner on European dating sites is easier than it seems. We hope this article will be your guide in finding love from Europe. Try new features, experiment, and have fun.

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